The State of the Turkey

This is mostly a photo post, to commemorate Thanksgiving. I present: The States of a Turkey, 2006 edition.

State One: Thawing, still in its original packaging

State Two: In the roasting pan, ready for roasting at 375° for three hours or so

State Three: In the roasting pan, just under three hours later. Fresh from the oven, the temperature of the breat meat is at a safe 170°F, but the potatoes, peas and rolls still need to be made up, so two layers of tinfoil are added to the top. This also allows the juices to redistribute.

State Four: Half carved, ready to be served. It was suggested to use an electric knife, but I opted to use a carving knife.

State Five: Ready to be put into the refrigerator as leftovers. a 14-pound turkey leaves a lot left over. Some of this meat is to be used for a second thanksgiving dinner for one of my relatives who didn’t roast a turkey on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “The State of the Turkey

  1. Yeah, nice pics. I was didn’t take any pics but I was slaving over a hot stove for my kid and her friend. I love turkey but every year by the second or third day of turkey sandwiches I’m about through with it and never want to see it again.

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