The strange world of Celebrity

Last night, I was happening to watch the E! network (they’ve got the rights to Saturday Night Live and they had shown an episode from last year [I’m fairly certain on that because 1. it was in widescreen and 2. it featured an incident with the President where there was a “staged” appearance with some soldiers]), and I kept it on after the show.

The first show was somewhat interesting, but the second show (Daily 10) had a story about two people who were having a marital fight using the medium of Myspace to do the arguing. Mind you, these weren’t even people whose names are household names – one was called Shayna or something and the other was Kevin or Keith or something similar to that. How in the world does a married couple’s argument on the internet even become news? It makes no sense, but it apparently is a part of the Strange World of Celebrity.

Oh, apparently one thing that he claimed that she had said to him was that she was going to sleep with her new partner on his bed. Gotta love it. 🙂