Well, today was the celebration of, essentially, stuffing yourself full of as much food as you can and then sleeping it off with some football on the TV; otherwise known as Thanksgiving.

For me, it all went good except for following one recipe for pumpkin pie that really didn’t make it taste too well (even though I didn’t notice it too much). Then, for the first time in a long time, I played Trivial Pursuit and wound up losing all three times to my brother (though I did get all the wedges in the last game and had a shot at winning).

The other thing that today marks is the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, and the introduction of the really huge weekday paper. Today’s paper was at least an inch thick or so, with advertisements from about 30 different stores, and even the daily paper in my more immediate area had a sizable amount of advertisements for great sales tomorrow; of course, if you’re in Illinois, you will save money over us suckers here who believe that it is unfair to let companies sell products for as low as they want (for example, a Plasma TV that is $1134 here is $988 south of the state border).

And one thing – to everyone who’s commented lately, thanks for your comments; sorry that I haven’t replied to y’all, but I’ve been quite busy lately with the NaBloPoMo commenting challenge, and doing other things around here 🙂

One final thing I hadn’t mentioned in the original part of this – I made a slight change; let me know if you spot it (it’s really tiny, but there is some significance to it and a particular reason for it; and no, it’s not Norwegian or any of the Scandanavian dialects….)

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I did what you did–made an effort in NaBlopomo to comment–visited maybe 25 sites, starting at the end of the alphabet. I don’t think I stirred up a single visit from that. So you are a rare one, Sephy, or you must be leaving fascinating comments.

    Hint: I chose only blogspot URLs so I knew I wouldn’t have to register.

  2. Ah, they’ll come to you as a surprise eventually. 25 is all in a days work for Sephy these days.. 😉 It’s a matter of just keep going. I don’t comment on livejournals or vox or xanga, but typepad and wordpress are fine, you dont have to register.

    Remember it’s Turkey Time, so most people are AWOL right now.. 😉

    I’m gonna post this on your blog too Norma in case you don’t get back here.. 🙂

  3. I did some commenting on Thursday and there wasn’t much traffic here either. I think it is just the tryptophan. 😉

    Also, typepad and wordpress are good for commenting as you can leave a direct link to your site in your comments. 🙂

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