Where the bloody hell are you?

If you’re somewhat aware of the ads, you’ll know that this is really a rhetorical question, as the intent is to get you to get your arse in gear and get down to the land of the Big Thing, Australia. The only reason I mention it tonight is that there was just a show on the Discovery Channel about the “Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive”, which is acutally a recreation of an outback tradition intended for tourists who are willing to make the trip out to the area of the Oodnadatta Track in Outback SA, some 800kms from Adelaide.

Naturally, the main sponsor of the show were Tourism Australia who made a splash earlier this year with the introduction of “Where the bloody hell are you?” as the new catchphrase for their tourism spots. This is one of the longer editions of the adverts; the version shown here is a 30-second version, and is shown in fullscreen.

Now, the good folks at The Chaser decided to see if they could come up with some better slogans to sell the country to foreigners. I think some of them might fly, but of course there are some government-types who might not think the same…judge for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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