After the Storm…

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A couple of hours had passed by this time, and as you can see, the sun had come out (interestingly, I was monitoring the TV stations’ communications on the radio, and one station made a call to all of their field staff to get video of the sun if it were possible).

For some reason, the town that I live in hadn’t decided to send out their plows, but the privateers who go around and, for a nominal fee, plow folks out of their driveways, were already out and making their rounds, no matter if the road was plowed or not. Of the daytime shots that I took, I think that this is definitely among my favourites. 🙂

One thought on “After the Storm…

  1. Man. We don’t even have *beach* plows. Well technically we do but “bulldozers” just aren’t the same.

    Nice photos.

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