Celeb-world revisited

I managed to stop on VH1 tonight because I like watching some of these reality shows where they follow some celebrity around in their everyday lives – first it was the Osbournes, and the chosen celeb of the day is Hulk Hogan. However, since I’m kinda lazy (and not patient enough to sit through listings that just show most of a show’s title on the tv guide station), I’ve kept the TV tuned to VH1 for the last 2 hours or so.

The show that aired at 10:00 tonight was “Celebrity Eye Candy: Best of 2006“. It is what you think it might be – a show covering the best (and worst) of the lives of celebs over the past (nearly) year. Included were segments on the years in the lives of Paris, Britney, The Hoff, and Lindsay. A recurring theme seemed to be idea that famous women didn’t quite get the idea that they really should, ahem, cover their privates when there’s the chance said parts of the anatomy could be exposed to a camera. It’s something like that which makes you wonder why they decide to do something like that – it’s not as if they don’t realise that there will be these cameras everywhere they go. I know that if I were a woman in these positions, I’d make sure that I had the proper clothing on to make sure that the world at large didn’t see parts of my body that should only be intended for those who you wish to see…but I’m neither a) a woman or b) a celebrity, so I’m not going to speculate ;).

As far as these cameras showing up *everywhere* – there was a segment showing various celebs in the supermarket. For fuck sake people, it’s a supermarket and they’re buying food. Who gives a shit what they’re buying? Then again, I bet that that these celebs would probably like at least three or four minutes to themselves when they’re outside (and I don’t mean outside of their houses in their courtyards, I mean outside in the general public). It’s kinda ridiculous, but I have to say that it was pretty hilarious at times. A part of the modern world, I guess 😉

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