Christmas Shopping

Well, I haven’t actually done any shopping (and probably won’t do much of it this year, as is the norm for me anyway; except for the one year I went shopping with my one brother and wound up wrapping my own gift [which, incidentially was a video cassette, a blank one :)]).

However, in these final days before Christmas, the stores tend to stay open longer – some as late as midnight, but the majority of stores close around 9 or 10 pm; which I think is sufficiently late for most people to be out shopping, aside from those who might work second or third shift thus would be awake at those times.

I’m surprised that there aren’t stores over here that are following the lead of the Chadstone Shopping Centre near Melbourne. I will grant that it is summer there, and personally, if I were down there, I would be out shopping at night considering that the current temperature is approaching 95°F (or more precisely, 36.7°C), I would be very welcome to shopping at night, considering that they are open both on Thursday and Friday until midnight. However, on Saturday, they are planning on opening at 8:00 AM and won’t close until 6 PM on Sunday.

It might not sound too significant, but you don’t see malls here open for 34 straight hours, though you will see grocery stores, and some “big-box” stores such as Wal-Mart or Target open from (in general) 6 AM on December 26th to 5 or 6 PM on December 24th. Nowadays, for many retailers, Christmas is the only day that they will not open, but I saw that there is one local grocery chain that will have a single store open on Monday, but they are having limited hours. Interestingly, one store advertises that they are your “Home Improvement Superstore, 362 days a year!” In other words, they close on Christmas, and two other days that most stores used to be closed on, but are opening up for with increasing frequency – Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

I have this feeling that one day soon, you will be seeing more businesses open on Christmas day, not so much to earn more money, but there is always someone needing something that day (and someone who forgot presents). For them, I’d suggest visiting the Walgreens and picking up Sterno gel, as was done as a gag on a TV show once, but I can’t remember which one it was. 🙂