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For me, the newspaper comics page has always been a part of life. In fact, I believe that it was the comics page (which at the time was printed on green paper in the “Green Sheet”) where I picked up on reading at about age three.

One of my favorite strips, FoxTrot, is ending its daily run, and will run Sunday-only from the first of the year. You can read the press release here. But basically, the artist (Bill Amend) cites that after 18 years of doing the same strip, it’s difficult to come up with fresh material on a day-to-day basis, and he’d really like to explore different things.

Something that I’d always loved about the strip is that it is a geeky strip, with things like the iFruit (think iMac) and its ability to take over the household’s computing ability on its own, plus the way that Jason (the geeky youngest child) just sometimes seems to miss the references or tries to work his own references into things.

While some strips will take computer things and make a total mockery of them (for example, a recent Pickles strip where the cat is laying on a keyboard and Opal [the, in essence, female lead] says that it’s at, and I’m not making this up,…ugh). FoxTrot will actually use them in a proper context, like this one where Roger and Andy (husband and wife) are discussing emails they received recently –

One thought on “The Comics Page

  1. Oh, how I will miss FoxTrot. It looks like he will be following the Bloom County formula, moving to the weekly Outland format, and later Opus. I did wonder when Amend would finally hang it up…

    And it was one of the greatest geeky strips ever… Jason was always my hero. His Star Wars/LOTR/D and D references strips are classics, especially when Jason joins the Darkside.
    I was not as upset when Bloom County went by the wayside. But FoxTrot has always been a big part of my comic page experience for so long… it was always my Doonesbury/Dilbert antidote… hmm, guess I will have to read more Get Fuzzy 🙂

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