Do they know something we don’t?

From time to time I like to take a peek at Aussie TV listings, mostly the sports channels, and I noted this in the description of a game that’s going to be airing on Fox Sports 1 from 11.30 AM my time (4.30 AM Friday there) –

It hasn’t been a vintage season for the Packers but expect a big one as they face their old foes the 49ers. One more chance to see the great Brett Favre in action before his expected retirement at season’s end.

I know that the Favre retirement question is a popular one in the offseason, but nobody here is expecting him to retire until the day that he actually says he’s going to retire; of course then everyone here will be shocked and dismayed at the retirement of the legend. For a lot of Packer fans, he is the only quarterback that they have known; I kinda fall into that group because I can barely remember much about the days of Don Majkowski. The only thing that I can somewhat envision is the infamous Instant Replay game of 1989, but that’s only mainly through radio calls. However, when you think of what Favre has done – starting every single game for 15 years or so even when injured – you have to appreciate what he has done.

Another interesting tidbit about the Fox Sports schedule is that I think that the game on the NFL Network tonight might be available to more Australians than it is here in the States since most cable companies don’t offer the NFL channel citing the fact that the league are demanding 75-80¢ per customer, so the cable companies simply do not carry the channel. However, since the airing of NFL games internationally is separate (and the fact is that there are somewhat limited international options), it’s available on more widely-distributed channels overseas (i.e. Fox Sports in Australia {though I think I’ve seen the Monday night games that air on ESPN here airing on ESPN there}, Sky Sports in the UK, etc.).

One thought on “Do they know something we don’t?

  1. We had an issues here in Dallas with the NFL network not carrying our last game against Atlanta, so the local stations were allowed to pick it up… but I will say this, I turned the commentary to the radio halfway through the game. The NFL network commentary is by far the worst I have seen in some time.

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