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Well, it’s certainly not a new sport, but I have to say that I am enthralled with cricket now. It started with seeing the highlights of these matches with outrageously high scores in games that lasted upwards of 5 days, something that just isn’t seen over here in the States. About the closest thing as far as high-scoring sport in this country is basketball – whose scorelines would look like a game of footy, in cricket terms, it’d probably be on par with a halfway-decent showing in an innings of a Twenty20 match.

So anyway, last year, I listened to the Ashes tests in England where the home side took back the urn for the first time in 18 years. After those tests, it was pretty much back to seeing the odd story on Sky Sports News (the Fox Soccer Channel aired an hour-long block of their programming nightly) about how the England team were faring and how the latest tests and ODIs were progressing around the world, along with the County championship in England.

I think that there are two major sports that this country are missing out bigtime in – rugby (though the US Eagles are in the 2007 World Cup [that’s the one for Union, not League–which is non-existant here]) and cricket (where we’re not even eligible for playing one-day international games). Thusly, the events today in Adelaide will (with a 99.9% certainty) not be reported on ESPN Sportscenter because there is a perception that there isn’t any interest in this country for the sport. To be fair, I don’t remember Sky Sports mentioning the World Series (of course, only teams from the US and Canada are eligible) in their reports.

Here are some links for your edification:

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CricInfo (ironically, ESPN have a tie-in with this site, and are apparently the broadcaster of this series across Southeast Asia)
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As at the time I press the publish button, the Aussies are at 2 wickets for 36 runs (2/37), and need 131 to win the test. Live scoring from the ABC is here.

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