It’s out of hand

First it was the Sunday paper, then the Daily Paper. Who else could be out there giving Christmas cards to their customers along the way? Well, there’s the mailman, but I wouldn’t expect that. Nope…it was from the garbage man.

Or, as it is on the cover of the envelope, “Your G-Man”. Of the three pieces of Christmas regalia that have been received here this year, this is probably even more impersonal than the one from the Sunday paper. This was a Christmas card (cover a drawing of Mr. and Mrs Claus; the greeting is “Best wishes for a dreamy Christmas & bright New Year.” And instead of signing the card, the name and address of the person has been stamped there. I would only guess that they had a lot of cards to fill in as I’ve heard reports of similar cards being received in the general area around here.

It’s pretty obvious what the motivation behind this is – they want gifts from their “customers”. They seem to forget that we pay their salaries and, quite frankly, they’re expected to do their job and have specific criteria for delivery/pickup, and do earn a salary from doing said job. I think they are expecting you to give tips, but they maybe should realize that there are a lot of people who don’t believe in tipping these folks or who don’t like to leave money just lying outside for them to pick up. If you’re interested, there’s even a Tipping Etiquette Guide that will tell you how much you should give these folks at Christmastime. They do advise you that you really only should – “Tip those who serve you all year long and whom you have a personal relationship with.”