A lighter side?

Yesterday, there was a tragic explosion at a factory in the city, where some 40 people were injured and there were 3 fatalities. One of the more interesting aspects of it was that it was felt for miles around the actual site – up to about 15 miles or so – and was picked up on a seismograph at one of the local colleges.

Among the stories that were touched upon by the various media outlets, this snippet from the major newspaper struck me as somewhat strange, but not really surprising, considering the circumstances:

Gamblers kept rolling in to the…Casino this morning, even after the blast…about 25 blocks to the west. “I hope the explosion shook some money loose from the machines,” quipped one undeterred gambler, who asked to remain anonymous. Diane ventured to the…casino because her bonus chips from a casino slot were good only for Wednesday. Monica wasn’t scared off by the explosion because she didn’t hear it while ensconsed in the casino. She’d been there since 5 a.m. “Nobody knew what happened until we looked up on the big screen TV and heard the news.”

One thought on “A lighter side?

  1. Kind of amazing how easily people can dissociate themselves from tragic events, even local ones. And I’m no different, really. Sometimes distancing is good but the difference is narrow between emotional self-preservation and outright (if unintentional) callousness.

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