Living in the Sticks

It is interesting to think what constitutes a reasonable or unreasonable distance for people. For some folks (or their relatives), 10 miles is too far to go to get to a decent shop. Where I live, the minimum distance you have to go to get to a choice for shopping is 10 miles. Sure, there’s the “hometown” grocery store (whose owners have sold their franchises to the larger regional corporation) about 3 miles (~5km) away. There are also a few stores about 6 miles away, but there you have a choice of two grocery stores that fall on the higher side of pricing products, along with a single department store. It’s really a case of the law of relatively here, as to me that 10 miles doesn’t seem that far (20 minutes, it’s about the same whether we take the freeway or the normal road) away. 🙂

However, if you go that 10 miles, in both directions you have a large megastore, along with a selection of other stores including a hobby store and a couple of home improvement chain stores. However, if you go in the direction of the city, you wind up in what is, essentially, a very sprawling shopping center composed of a few major retailers, along with some of your standard modern casual-dining chain restaurants that serve decent food at a moderate price and have HDTVs set up showing an analog signal. You also have the predominant electronics retailer in the country, plus a huge furniture store where they offer free delivery to certain areas with a $1000 minimum purchase. An additional bonus is that you can actually save at some stores as the sales tax is one-half percent lower depending on which city you’re in.

If you go another 10 miles, you wind up at one major shopping mall or another. One is really the area’s megamall, with the most retailers, and even a movie theatre. There are also a few major higher-end chain restaurants there. The other mall is in a major shopping strip that goes for about 5 or so miles. In the vicinity of the second mall is a shop called World Market, which sells (as one might expect) items from all over the world, including something that will probably make some folks’ mouths water – TimTams (though they’re marketed as Arnott’s Original Chocolate Biscuits). According to the site, a 200g packet is $3.49 (that’s before tax). It’s quite reasonable since the same product (same size even) is priced at $A2.95.

In fact, I’ve been to a World Market before, but not this location; it was back in July of 2005, and of the items pictured here, the only one that didn’t receive a try (as of yet) is the Colavita pasta; I tried the Vegemite, but I did not like it at all, and eventually (like after about a year) it got put in the trash.