A Trip to the shops…

So, I was at one of my favorite stores tonight, again leading to not buying anything, but just to look (and by look, I mean take a three second look at things because my mother absolutely fears the employees of said store who have this penchant of being omnipresent and asking if you want some help in your shopping, so therefore one must keep moving throughout the store so as to not attract their attention) at the various products and come away even more confused about what is available for sale than you were before you came into the shop.

I’m actually thinking that these nice folks in the blue shirts probably are a very resourceful took considering that while they probably have less knowledge of certain things, they’ll know something about what is actually there so that you’re not a fool buying the one that looks the neatest. Take for example the selection of LCD screens that are available. I have no idea of what to get; all I know is some idea of what I’d like – for example, I know I don’t want one of the 15″ screens that only does a 1024×768 resolution. What I would love is to have one of those widescreen displays that do 1920 x 1450 or whatever that is, but the most likely candidate for me to get is a 17 or 19 inch 1280×1024 display, and probably the cheapest one. However, I really don’t know and don’t understand the idea of the response time (though if it is what i think it is which is the processing time for an image, thus lower is better) or of the Contrast Ratio – where I would guess that a higher ratio is better, or really some of the other aspects such as what brand to get.

Another thing that I don’t get are all the different routers that are out there. I have a basic Netgear router that does plain old 802.11b wireless, but it sounds like none of the ones on offer actually provide standard wireless, but these different letters – G or Super G or now N. Seriously, who’s ever going to need 54Mbps throughput in their ethernet connection? I think that 11 is more than enough, especially when you have only a 3Mbps down internet connection. As it is, I don’t think that I do need a new router *right now* but I want to have a little knowledge just in case that I would need to get a new one, I would have a clue what to get; the one we have has been here for almost four years, and it is still doing great work even though it does stop working on the rare occasion (more rare since I moved my more bandwidth-intensive applications onto the wireless connection).

So, what I’m looking for – if you have a flatpanel monitor, what would you recommend for specifics – what size, resolution, etc. to get. Should I go widescreen or just stick to a 4:3 (1024×768, 1280×960, 1600×1200 for example) or 5:4 (1280×1024, my current resolution) format. I look at it and laugh now, but I could have had a flatpanel last year, but I decided against spending the extra $150 to get it. However, I know that the prices will probably be going down after Christmas.

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  1. G’day,
    I use a 19″ LCD and a 17″ lcd on one pc, my advice is get a 19″ lcd, they’re cheap and have a good resolution for it’s size (1280×1024) Any refresh rate 8ms or less is good for human eyes, most screens are now down to 6 or even 4ms… also contrast is decent in most screens but generally anything 300:1 or better, (most are 500:1 here)…
    As for the Router… well if all you’re using it for is the internet then yes, 11mps is fine, we use 108mps wifi here as we need the extra speed for local file sharing (mp3 collections etc) between a permanently on pc and our 2 user pc’s. As a guide:
    802.11b is about 11mps or less
    802.11G is 54mps or less
    802.11 Super-G or N is 108mps
    (The fast one is also call MIMO in some manufacturers)
    So if it’s just you or just internet, stick with 11b and spend more on a good lcd πŸ™‚
    (My 19″ is a Phillips and it looks so nice I want to dump the 17
    ” and have two matching 19″ lcds πŸ™‚ )

    — my 2c πŸ™‚
    — Raiden…

  2. Cheers πŸ™‚

    I think that a standard G router would probably suit me since it would seem that they’re about the same price as B routers and are backward-compatible with B devices (the only real wireless that I use is my laptop which uses a B PC Card, and I usually move anything I download on there to the desktop system anyway since I have a DVD burner on here; streaming isn’t actually that bad because I use VLC and that can do file-caching). I’m just glad that I’m not interested in getting a router that looks like it has a radar on the top of it. πŸ˜‰

    With the LCDs, for the store I was at, they have 8 in the flyer and there is a plurality of 8ms/500:1 screens. Interestingly, half of the ones in there are from LG, 2 are from Westinghouse, one from MAG Innovision and one from some company called Envision. The highest response time on the LGs is 5ms and they even have one that is 2ms.

    I’ll keep on looking at the options and then post when I figure out where I’m going with this (who knows, maybe one will come to me as a surprise for Christmas) πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi. i just bought a 19 inch lcd and it is AWESOME!! i am very impressed!
    It is a “Samsung” “syncmaster 940n” and cost A$339 the 17inch was A$250
    The thing that suprised me was the very thin edging around the screen wich makes it seem as though it is all screen!
    Overall it seems to be a very good monitor and at a reasonable price!
    Hope this helps “roninclean”

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