Tuesday Randomness

Just some thoughts that have come into my head recently

– We got a Christmas card from the delivery people for the daily paper now; unlike the letter in the Sunday paper, this was just a card saying “Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Your {newspaper} Carriers, {names}” – and there was no return address.

– I think that the USA Network are doing something both a) interesting and b) kinda silly by running their show Monk back-to-back, first in black & white and then in color; it is the same episode and they are asking viewers to go to the website and vote on the one that they prefer. Seriously, if someone wanted to watch a TV show in black and white, they could just set the color setting to zero, thus defaulting to black and white.

– I didn’t know that there were Aussie Christmas movies, but there is at least one – Bush Christmas; I actually have seen it on offer at the local DIY megastore for $7.77 or something like that.