Year-End Lists

This is always a fun time of the year for someone who, like me, is a fan of lists; especially those lists that chronicle the year that has passed. Some lists of this type are the ones that Yahoo have put out with the top searches of the year. What’s interesting is that all ten of the top searches here are somehow celebrity-related, while in the other ones that they provide internationally (Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, UK/Ireland, France) there are only one or two celebrity searches listed.

Some tidbits from these searches –

  • Rockstar Supernova wound up on the Canadian list – number 4 overall, number 2 in entertainment. It didn’t appear in any other list
  • Of all the sports figures, the only racers that made the list were: Michael Schumacher (Germany – #4 Male Star), Fernando Alonso (Spain – #2 Athlete) and the late Peter Brock (Australia – #1 Sport, #2 Male Celebrity). Honourable mention for this goes to the Bathurst 1000, which wound up as the #10 Sport search Down Under.
  • Germans love porn. The number three search overall for 2006 there was “Erotik”. Shockingly, it doesn’t appear anywhere else in the world.
  • The UK are just about as celebrity-obsessed as we are, with the number 1 search overall being Heather Mills (McCartney), and numbers 2 and three are Big Brother and this year’s winner, Pete Burns.

Don’t be surprised to pop in here one day (or if you’re using RSS, for an item to appear in your feed list) and find me fleshing out the significance of some of these search terms around the world. If anything, it will be a way for me to find out who “Chris Brown” is (#8 overall, USA). Also, maybe an insight into the habits of non-english users of the web (considering that the number 1 search in Germany is Weather, this should be interesting) 😉