All I want to do is scan some stuff…

One thing that you learn as a scambaiter is that scanners are very low-tech items that *nobody* uses, what with digital cameras and all. However sometimes real life interferes and you do need to use a scanner to scan things – like a document that needs to be faxed to someone, or some photos that are lying around.

First off, I do have a scanner; it was picked up from a rummage sale for about $10 a couple of years ago. It works fine with the older computer that we have, except for the minor problem that just cropped up.

I can’t find the power cord!

So, I thought – I’ll dig around and see if I can find it; well that has proven futile to this point, but it is an avenue that will be looked at once more, after the latest experience.

I thought, well, ok, maybe a different power cord will be ok – so I tried one that had fewer volts than were necessary (9 instead of the 15 the scanner asks for). It powered up fine, but the reduction in voltage caused the scan speed to slow down making a pure white scan.

Then, I thought, well, the local megastore will have one of those universal adapters. Well, they had them, but only up to 12 volts. The next thought was that the big-box electronics store will have them. Same story. Thus the return to digging around for it.

Oh, interestingly, there is a store that does have the item I’m looking for. They charge $25.99 (plus tax) for it. At that price, I’d probably be better off just buying a new scanner (and one that isn’t a parallel-port scanner)