BBC: A lesson in using cool words

I had never heard of this word until about a year ago; it basically means the act of dawdling and generally not getting anything done. As I was reading through the commentary of the Twenty20 match from the SCG this morning, the commentary for this over stood out immediately –

5th over: Ponting is almost balletic as he swivels a pull shot into the crowd behind square but he has feet of clay next ball as he thick-edges four over point. A similar shot brings a relay effort by the fielders but the batsmen run four while they’re faffing. DROPPED! Taxi for Lewis, who gets under a lofted drive from Ponting at mid-on and puts it down. He just dropped the Twenty20 international trophy. 52-1

Good on ya Martin Gough! 🙂

Now, I have to stop faffing and get some shit done myself. 😉

One thought on “BBC: A lesson in using cool words

  1. In my experience in Europe, one says “faffing around.” And it is indeed a great word. When you see someone faffing around you might call him a nutter too.

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