E-books revisited

Back in August, I had commented on my general dislike of E-books. Well, I have to say that my opinion has changed, albeit just slightly.

I’ve been working on compiling lists of stuff for various uses, and I was given a link to the Top 100 books at Project Gutenberg. I happened to notice that at #10 is a book that has been recommended to me for quite a while now, Pride and Prejudice. If you click on this link, you will see various versions of the book. I believe that the version I had downloaded back in August is one of the Text versions. Those have the words meant to be in italics formatted for newsgroups, with underscores on either side of the italicised word.

You’ll also notice a couple of Adobe PDF files – the first one is the one I downloaded. It’s formatted in the correct paper size for the USA – 8-1/2 × 11 inches, landscape. You’ll also notice that the pages don’t seem to match up correctly. This is by design as it’s meant to be put together using the “perfect binding” method – i.e. mini booklets are formed from groups of, in this case, 8 pages and then folding the group together forms 16 pages of text in the correct order. The other PDF file is simply the pages (at the same size as the ones in the first file after folding) put into correct order, more suitable for screen reading.

The best part? It’s totally free and legal – the book is technically out of copyright here, so it is freely available for the taking. The only challenging part is to devise a method to bind the 18 booklets together into one big mass 😉