Fake Plane Usurped by Real ones

So Google’s great plan to take photographs of Sydney didn’t quite go off as planned, thanks to the fact that there were planes that *didn’t* have Photoshopped logos on them taking off towards the City, pretty much into the planned flightpath of the Google flight.

The only downside is that people who decided to take a punt on getting themselves publicity or to repair a broken marriage may or may not have been photographed to possibly (depending on the outcome of the pictures) be included in Google Earth or Google Maps (where you can now actually find Aussie street addresses, but still not get directions).

Just a thought for the bloke who thought he’d have been able to save his marriage – first, it would have taken 4 to 6 weeks to get the photos online. Also, you’d have to make sure that she actually *saw* the photo. Then again, being mentioned in two stories in a variety of papers probably would help your case…good luck!