Fun with widescreen

I’ll go into more later on this, but I now have a lovely widescreen monitor, and here’s a shot of one of cool things I can do – find out what’s on all 75 channels of TV at a time. Admittedly, though, it isn’t something I’ll be using on a regular basis 😉

2 thoughts on “Fun with widescreen

  1. Well, that’s only the analogue cable. Even if we still had the digital, I wouldn’t be able to do that since you need the box to get the other channels.

    Digital adds up to another 149 channels – that includes 13 separate pay-per-view services (5 of which are pr0n channels), 47 music-only channels, 16 HD channels (of which 5 are included in basic digital), 35 movie channels (sold as additional packs). The rest are split into a few “tiers” – where you get packs of channels for $5/month (though I think they increased the price on some of them).

    Of course, in the city they have 80 analogue channels, and at least 200 digital channels, along with this thing called “on-demand” which they advertise here, but have never made available to us

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