Getting Lucky

Imagine this scene – you go to your mailbox and find a parcel that you were not expecting. After you’ve freaked out sufficiently because you’re leary of unannounced packages arriving at your doorstep, you decide to open said package. Inside the package is a brand new Acer Ferrari laptop preloaded with Microsoft’s new Vista OS.

Now, the reason that you received this gift is because you are probably a well-respected blogger chosen by Microsoft to receive this little gift. Personally, I would accept the gift and make note of it here, because that would be the right thing to do.

It would seem that there are quite a few people who have received these laptops, and some of them are taking quite a bit of guff over it. This story at Computerworld has more information about the controversy that has arisen. I can see the point that some people might feel that this is bribery, but I also think that this is a great idea to allow people to get a chance to check out the latest gadgets – without having any strings attached as to the type of review (if any, really) you should do.

Interestingly, I found this on Lifehacker, who always make sure to be transparent about any free things they receive from various providers.

One thought on “Getting Lucky

  1. Seems like an ethically minded person could – and would – still provide a fair no-strings review, while someone inclined toward unethical thinking or behavior – well, I’m guessing their “price” is way lower than a high-end laptop.

    By the same token, an ethical person isn’t likely to sell his or her “soul” to the digital devil for that same laptop. No matter what material value an object holds, a person’s reputation is worth more. Right-minded reviewers know this and act accordingly.

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