Good Evening, this is your captain speaking…

…I hope that you brought something with you to entertain yourself. You might have heard that our in-flight entertainment system has been experiencing some minor issues. Unfortunately, these problems are more than intermittent and we don’t know if this flight will be affected. The time now in Sydney is just coming up to 5.30 PM Friday, and we expect a flight time of 14 hours, landing at around 8 o’clock Saturday morning. Once again, we hope that our entertainment system stays active for the duration of the flight. If a situation were to arise, we can attempt to sort it out. On behalf of the crew, many thanks for choosing to fly with Qantas, member of the OneWorld Alliance.

I doubt that this is the actual announcement you’d hear on your next flight on a Qantas 747-400B aircraft, but it is the situation faced by many passengers on their flights in recent months. Admittedly, I would get bored if I didn’t have something else to entertain me (beyond the skymall catalogues). However, if I were on such a flight, I don’t think it would bug me all that much since I would have something to keep myself occupied. Of course, among the stuff I’d have would be little primers on things that I’d already know such as not tipping and the correct pronunciation of words such as pergola (pa-gol-a, not per-go-la as we would say it over here).

In other aircraft related news, Google and Microsoft spent this Australia Day over various parts of the country taking photographs. However, I am concerned that Google’s plane looks a bit, well, fake…those logos certainly don’t look like they belong there, and where’s the rego? Another question – why are there American cars in the background? 😉