I don’t think I missed much

So, the State of the Union address was tonight. I watched classic baseball instead, thanks to one of the channels here airing older games from the Brewers. Tonight’s installment was a game from August 1992, against the Toronto Blue Jays (apparently not Bluejays as I had said yesterday) at Skydome. Of course, since it was on you know that the Brewers end up winning – with a (then) record of 31 hits – 22-2. One comment made by the CBC commentators was that the next day’s game would be much closer. It was, but the Brewers still won, 7-2.

As far as the SOTU goes, it’s not like you don’t hear about these things for days if not weeks to come, especially as the Presidential campaign for next fall has already started. Another thing – we all know what the reaction will be – Democrats will say that the President’s policies are misguided, Republicans will say that the Democrats are full of it and nothing will get done. Just about everyone else (myself included) will say that they’re all full of it and that they all just care about what the people who give them money want.

You’d think that as someone who got a Christmas card from the White House in 2004, I’d care more, but I don’t. 🙂