I have to admit something

It’s nothing really life-changing or earth shattering, but I like watching the odd bit of trash TV. I remember a line an old friend of mine made about certain shows – “You watch Maury to feel good about yourself; you watch Springer to feel like an angel.”

Well, it is usually quite strange, dare say, a bit funny to watch the story of some woman who can’t tell who, of however many men, is the real father of her child. That or the teens who are completely out of control – I always wonder where the parents are in those cases.

There is another bit of “trashy” TV that I’ve been watching quite a bit lately – Cheaters. Basically, it’s a show where if you’re suspecting that your current partner is not quite being honest with you and you think that they’re sleeping around, they will go ahead and investigate them. Of course, it always turns out that there is infidelity going on. Then we have to tell the unsuspecting partner what they found and visit the guilty party/ies for the confrontation. I think this video will help explain things a bit 😉

Be sure to click over to there and watch the other cheaters videos… 🙂

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