I wish to complain…

…about nothing in particular 😉

Actually, that’s the first phrase in The Zompist Phrasebook. I have been looking for lists of common phrases in other languages – German, French and Spanish in particular, and this one came to me as a surprise.

Among the better ones –

  • There’s a corpse on the bed. Please change the sheets.
  • That’s not all! I have two more photo albums!
  • Where can I rent a camel? and
  • One order of fermé le mercredi, please.

Of course, fermé le mercredi means Closed Wednesdays. I will recommend that you visit the page, just for the sheer fun in reading the Intellectual exchanges section – you might need a translator for it, but you should get the jist.

This also brings up Monty Python – particuarily the Hungarian Phrasebook Sketch – take a read through if you hadn’t before 😉

One thought on “I wish to complain…

  1. In my adventures of learning Swedish, I found this useful phrase.

    Mitt huvud trillar av och det är fullt av godis. (My head falls off and it is full of candy.)

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