Spam – interesting to read?

I think this is just a sign of me becoming prematurely senile, but I was reading through the feed for one of my 419 email repository blogs. On rare occasion, a “normal” spam will slip through (i.e. one that isn’t from a general, bank manager, president/ceo or some random other person in a far flung land). Normally I just mark it and take care of whatever has accumulated later in the day. However, today I started reading; probably because of this line –

Doggy lesbian married baseball died madonna? Affleck lopz wahlberg twain.

So then I read the whole thing aloud (mainly because it’s more hilarious when you read it as if you care what the punctuation says). I think it’s not bad; the only problem being that it really doesn’t go anywhere and seems to repeat. Now, just because I can, here is the full text of the spam:

Crissy, moran cristina, scabbia danica patrick. Medical aid auctions property. Alanis morissette alecia alena seredova alessandra ambrosio. Aretha university, michigan, novel kournikova english, won pot april.
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Doggy lesbian married baseball died madonna? Affleck lopz wahlberg twain.
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If you’re interested in hearing what happens when you take a text-to-speech tool and apply to spam, check out Spamradio.

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  1. I ran “Visser nina bott moric” sideways through Babelfish and it translated as “Klaatu barada nikto.”

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