Whatever happened to…?

Two of the shows that I loved to watch when I was growing up were The Flintstones and The Jetsons. In the days before pay tv was available in my area (and if I remember correctly, for a short while afterwards), the shows aired in syndication on one of the independent stations (though one was affiliated with Fox, but I think the programming was only the prime-time block), but in the mid-90s – about the time that Turner bought out Hanna-Barbera – they wound up, along with the Looney Tunes cartoons, only on the Cartoon Network.

However (this is something outlined in the Cartoon Network article linked above), some brainiac decided that it’d be better to ditch all the good shows (in my opinion of course ;)) for some lame original programming, likely geared towards 8-15 year olds. Instead of saying, alright, here are the shows for the kids and here are the shows everyone likes on the same channel for the enjoyment of all, said brainiacs decided to move all of these older shows (and by older, I mean older than about 10 years or so – with some rare exceptions) off to a network that hardly anyone gets called Boomerang. I think the only way to actually get the channel is to be in one of the areas served by Turner’s cable system (Time-Warner), or by satellite.

Though they did do something good with introducing the Adult Swim programming block – responsible for bringing Family Guy back to screens with new episodes after rating well and an excellent DVD release; the same was rumored to be happening with Futurama, but I haven’t heard anything more.

Maybe they figured that, when they decided to put the good stuff on the “premium” channel, TV shows on DVD would prove to be a successful concept. Though it makes you wonder why they don’t allow syndication of these shows anymore.

I’ll leave you with these three videos from youtube. These are ones that you will definitely not see on Boomerang (or probably on these DVD sets). When The Flintstones premiered in 1961, it was aimed at an adult audience and as such had an adult sponsor – Winston Cigarettes. I had never seen two of these videos before just now when I went to look for the one video that a lot of people have seen, which is this one –

These two videos are rarer than the one above; I wonder if any TV shows would actually do something like this (be in character for an ad) again (and yes, I’m aware of the Bart Simpson Butterfinger commercials)?