$10,000 per gallon!

I have a lot of equipment that is HP – my laptop is an HP, the first CD-RW drive I got was an HP, and I had used HP printers for close to 10 years. However, when I got my computer two years ago, it came with a Canon Pixma IP1500 printer. At first, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that it was essentially a low-end printer. However, there is a great benefit.

Saving tons of money on cartridges. I don’t do a lot of printing, but of course, there are times that is necessary to do it. And eventually it runs out of ink (or it will tell me that the ink is low). Now with the HP printers, the ink cartridges were, on average, $30 each for black or color. With the Canon, it’s $7 for the black and $17 for the color.

Of course, it’s probably a good thing that we don’t buy it in a gallon (or even for that matter, litre) size – according to a column in “Adorama”, a gallon of magenta ink for a HP printer comes out to $10,788. Of cousre you have to do 4 cartridges since having a Magenta would indicate that the printer requires a Cyan, Yellow and Black cartridge, you’re out for $43,152 for a gallon of each. Well, at least you’ll be able to print for just about ever.

I guess it’s another reason why we shouldn’t complain about gas hitting $2.35 per gallon (that’s 62¢ or so per liter, including taxes). Then again, prices of gas around the world should be reason enough to not complain…