Breaking News! It’s cold

You would think that there was a big snowstorm out there. However, there isn’t. It’s just cold, as one would expect it to be in winter. We’re having the (in general) annual trip below the zero Fahrenheit mark (that’s -18°C). The weather service says that it’s not expected to go back above zero until Monday sometime, however, they have also issued an advisory about the wind chill until 10 AM Tuesday.

Most people would think, yeah, it’s winter; you’re supposed to get cold weather. But to the TV stations (who have had consultants tell them that a lot of people like this kind of reporting), they have to tell us in excruciating detail the exact weather. Even though it’s close to midnight and very few people are probably actually watching TV, there are two stations who insist on having graphics on screen informing us of the temperature and the wind chill. One of these stations also had a story about the safety in using a space heater, and how to keep warm.

On top of that, invariably, there will be some social functions closing because of the extreme weather (in particular I can think of places that mostly senior citizens would attend, such as Bingo halls). Yesterday one of our vaunted trustworthy local TV stations had a story on if the major school district in the city will shut down on Monday. I could understand this on Sunday, but on Friday? Come on.

Ah well, life will go on even if it is going to get down to 13 or 14 below zero (that’s -25 or -26°C). The same people will be crowing about the heat in August, and for one station, the fact that it stays cooler near the lake until then. 😉