Fun with keywords

I think that this is a post that a lot of bloggers have at one point or another – the one where you go through the logs and find some interesting keywords. Here goes šŸ˜‰

dilana robicheaux and dilana nude uncensored pool – Rockstar Supernova lives on with a couple of searches related to Dilana the runner-up and her infamous leap into the pool on a dare šŸ˜‰

Interestingly enough, I was watching a show about the upcoming V8 Supercar season, and music from their album appeared in a couple of places during the show; I was paying attention to that and wound up having to go back to actually pay attention to what the people were saying.

Another search term that appeared recently is nina visser bott, which appeared in my post about the literary qualities of spam.

Someone else searched for something that I’d be somewhat interested in watching just for the curiousity – runaway truck ramp video.

Lastly, there was someone who has good taste with simple recipes and searched for jamie oliver recipe chicken flour water bake.

One thought on “Fun with keywords

  1. I might check the runaway truck ramp thing; it’s something I’ve wondered about too.

    But I haven’t searched for it. Yet.

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