Let us all sing along

Well, you might not know the melody unless you’re from my area and are a football fan, but here we go –

The Bears still suck
The Bears still suck
They really really really really really really suck
Yes, the Bears still suck!

Repeat a few times

As just about everybody who isn’t in Chicago expected, the Colts defeated the Bears to win Super Bowl XLI, an event that was seen live in well over a hundred countries (including some countries where there were upwards of three different versions of the same game airing concurrently – Aussies, I’m looking at y’all ;)). For a few minutes in the first half, it didn’t look too good for those of us cheering for the Colts to do it, but sure enough, they pulled it out and took control.

However, nowadays, the game is almost a sideshow compared to all the other entertainment you see during the game – in particular the commercials. This year’s halftime performance by Prince seemed a touch off, but maybe that’s just me; I think two of the most memorable ones came in the early ’90s – the first was the 1991 Super Bowl where there was no halftime broadcast because of an ABC News brief on the Gulf War. The other was either just before or just after that one – where you had to get Coke products to get some 3D glasses to watch the halftime festivities. Ah well, we can’t have much fun anymore thanks to the last time it was on CBS, with the nipple that nobody would have noticed if not for Tivo.. 🙂

So, the commercials. The most lauded one was the ad for Nationwide Insurance featuring Kevin Federline first rapping and then boxing fries –

Personally, one of my favorite commercials was the NFL’s “Super Ad” – an ad pitched by a fan in Buffalo about what happens to fans at the end of the season – you know, washing the body paint and having to say goodbye. Of course, for some players, it’s harder; honestly, that’s the best part since they pick on our own “can’t say goodbye” player Favre, who, unlike was projected in December, will be coming back for another go in ’07. Here it is –

If you want to see just about every ad that aired you can see them on YouTube