Product Diversification

I guess a move like this was inevitable. In this area there are, essentially, two major Home Improvement retailers – one is a nation-wide, publicly traded company and the other is a regional chain, mostly in the upper Midwest and is still privately owned.

For the most part, the large national chain is the one that is second choice to go to, and with good reason – they don’t give terribly good service. Most of the time, the employees will tell you how to get to something, or they won’t know where to find something, or they’ll just ignore you. Also, the prices are, on average, higher (an example of this is closet rod – the national chain sold it for $1.17 per linear foot and the regional chain was 25¢ cheaper and they cut it to length for you).

Another good reason for shopping at the regional chain is that they have a wider variety of products. They have just about everything to build a house – from the foundation to the roof. You can even get appliances, including coin-operated washing machines and the latest in appliance technology. Recently, they’ve added mattresses to their stock. You can also get decorations for every holiday and get a garden going.

They also make seemingly constant changes to the store – a couple of years ago they added a large balcony to stores, but they’re employee-only. This year, they’re completely changing the layout of the store with more open shelving, and a new product line: groceries. So now, you can head to the shop – pick up some stuff you need – Duct Tape, a gallon of paint, a new hammer, some power tools, milk, popcorn, chips and snacks, macaroni and cheese, some DVDs and even current books (31% discounts apply to bestsellers).

One thing that isn’t new to their stocks is this item – the pushmower. 🙂