Riddle me this…

While I posted about how Web 2.0 is supposed to work, I honestly don’t get it – other than the idea is that you’re interacting with a lot of people at a time, but there is something that doesn’t click.

Just as an example, I clicked on a link – I didn’t check where it went, and if I had known that it was going to some random person’s myspace account, I wouldn’t have clicked on it (and even though I linked to it, I wouldn’t recommend clicking on it either; it took a long time for the page to get loaded, and even then it hadn’t finished; also the site is built with a background image that doesn’t move and that really sucks resources.

So, anyway, my point is that – how can I click on some random person’s Myspace account and have this message come up to me (from the example I linked to)

milford is in your extended network

There are a couple of obvious problems here –

First, I’ve never heard of this person and randomly clicked on a link that led me there.

Secondly, and this is the one that really gets me, how can you have an “extended network” if you don’t even have an account, and never want one? And what, exactly is this extended network; is that to imply that there is a “standard” network and an “inner” network too?

And lastly, if this person “milford” ever happened to stop by here, how many of your 260 purported friends have you ever actually talked to? And I don’t mean as text on a screen – I mean actually talking on the phone or on Skype or even (dare I say it?) met face-to-face.

Though, just for a waste of time, I searched for my old school on there – you can’t filter lists down by age (that takes you to the main homepage) and I would venture to guess that a lot of the people who claimed to be alumni of the place never heard of the town.