200 Miles

Well, it’s now been two weeks since my LCD died on me. Last week, I was wondering where it had gotten to, and it turns out that LG didn’t have any monitors in stock down in Alabama (which is where they’re based apparently). Robert, the cool fella who I spoke with last week in their Customer Service said that it would arrive here no later than 5 PM Thursday. You can guess where this goes. Yep. 5 PM and no delivery trucks arriving.

So I call them this morning, and I am told that it’s been shipped and should be here today. They even gave me a tracking number, which Google didn’t recognise. As it turns out (and she told me) it is a DHL tracking number.

I go to the DHL website and find out that the package had been shipped 2nd day; today was supposed to be the second day and it was supposed to be delivered to here by 5 PM. Well, it’s now 9:00 and no sign of it on my doorstep. In fact, according to the tracking, it was at South Bend Indiana (200 miles from here via the roads) at 6:44 EDT. That was 9 hours after it was spotted in Ohio, some 36 hours after it was shipped out from Alabama. Hopefully with any luck, it’ll actually show up here sometime tomorrow.

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  1. We made three shipments from Bhutan on March 20th (yes it’s a country — north of India)via DHL. Two arrived in good order and without delay. However the third for reasons that bedevil us is in the DHL version of purgatory. We have been told for three weeks now that the shipment is in Cincinnati and more to our frustration on 16 separate times we have been told that it has been cleared only to be told again (on their website) fifteen minutes later that it is on hold. We have sent them tons of paperwork to verify that the items are our personal goods. We have answered all of their requests. When we try to call them we get no answer — I mean no one will actually answer the phone or acknowledge that we are alive and customers that paid $5,000 to go through this frustration. We have promised these items to a museum for a show that opens in a few days. I know we are only one of many, but the most frustrating thing is that no one at DHL seems to care. This is a first cousin to the story about how by cutting employees it seems like everything is being done by no one. This one is that nothing is being done by everyone (at DHL)! jb

  2. I recently had a package sent via DHL. This package I have yet to receive. The tracking states it was delivered and left at my front door. When I contacted customer service about the problem. They state it is not their responsibility. DHL supposedly contacted the driver and he verifies the address and that the package was delivered, but where could it be? DHL offers no customer service what so ever. They take no responsibility in getting your shipment to you. I URGE everyone to not use DHL they are worthless.

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