Good news and bad news

Well, generally you do get both in a short amount of time. For this particular instance, the first spot of bad news appeared yesterday but the good news came up this afternoon.

Yesterday while I was in another part of my house, my monitor (LG L194WT, 19″ widescreen) went off like it usually does after 10 minutes (it used to be that the monitor stayed on, but after getting the LCD screen, I became suddenly concerned about burn-in; actually it’s more that there really is no reason to have the screen *always* on. When I came out to jiggle the mouse to bring the screen back to active, it didn’t go back on right away. Instead, the power indicator flashed rapidly, but after about 30 seconds of being miffed at why it did this, the screen came back on and everything was going well.

That is, until this afternoon when, right in the middle of watching the season opener of the second season of the West Wing (now that I’m addicted to it too) – the screen suddenly went blank again, with the flashing power light. Ever the optimist, I figured that the problem would resolve itself again and I’d see the “f-engine” screen and the picture would come back. But it didn’t. That’s the major bad news; I now have a dead monitor sitting on the floor and getting ready to go back into its original packaging. Of course, I could wait for an identical package to come before packing this monitor away.

Yes, that is the good news. I wound up calling the toll-free number for LG customer service and gave them all the required information – serial number, my name, address etc and the description of the problem. After that, I was given two options –

1. Give a credit card number, have a package with an identical monitor arrive and send back the defective monitor; the card is not charged as the original is returned to the company. This would take two to five days to get a replacement and there are only two areas that could fail.

2. They send me a sticker, I put the monitor back into its original packaging, send it back and they send me a new monitor. This would take somewhere in the range of 10 days to complete, and involves three steps that could falter in this process.

So, I gave them my card number (I hardly use the thing anymore) and I should be expecting a new monitor in the next couple of days.

I have to say that LG’s customer service is quite good (and unless they have **really** good accent training, based stateside still; unlike RealNetworks’ support whose service center is definitely in India – “Jeremy”‘s accent didn’t cut it for me back in June). And the fact that the preferred method of dealing with problems like this is to swap the monitor is a great way to get people coming back to their products.

In the meantime, I put the monitor that I had been using for the better part of two years back onto the main desktop system, and I have to admit that it is hard to readjust to a CRT monitor after using an LCD. Not only does everything seem so small (consider that I am using a 17″ CRT), it seems almost out of focus. I think I might just watch some of the stuff that I’d been meaning to on the TV since I do have the DVD player that can play files that I burn to disc 😉

Oh, can I just say that CRTs are evil again? Thanks 🙂

One thought on “Good news and bad news

  1. In monitors (and TVs) the usual culprit is something called a switching power supply. A few solid-state components, at most a minor circuit board; failure means no display. It’s as if the on-off button stopped working, or a fuse popped.

    Why this particular circuit is so prone to premature failure – and why designers can’t give us some kind of replaceable fuse in addition to or instead of – I don’t know but it’s amazingly common to have one go bad.

    Not that you should, you know. Care, necessarily. Especially with a replacement on its way. 😉

    Definitely a good news item.

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