Well, the bloody monitor finally arrived about half an hour ago. And it is the 20″ model. I am not certain if I should tell LG about the mistake (though they did say that if there was no 19″ models by last Wednesday, they would sort something out).

Of course, I’m thinking that they should just let the error be, send them the 19-incher back and say c’est la vie and move on. Though I am having an additional problem, one which has been festering ever since I took the old monitor off the desk: it is damn near impossible to take the little stand piece (it’s the piece between the monitor and the small round base) apart from the monitor. Even after putting the new one together, I had a hard time taking that one off. My conundrum is this – should I:

a) Slice a hole in the original box, then put the screen into the box, making sure to tape up the styrofoam packaging and putting it into a larger box
b) not use the old box when reshipping the package, and just put the styrofoam into a new box
c) try in a vain last ditch effort to take the piece off so that I can use the original box

If you’re curious, the instructions are at the right. It says to twist the little piece to the right, then pull hard. I can say that no amount of pulling seems to fix the problem. Maybe I should just get going with the knife now onto the box 🙂

Oh, by the way, one of the nice features of the 20 inch model is that it has 400 extra horizontal pixels and 26 extra vertical pixels, unlike the 19″ which was only 120 extra horizontal, and 124 less vertical.

Ah yes, and before I actually publish this for real, I should mention that I am my own receptionist, as per the DHL tracking information. And they still spelt my name wrong.

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  1. 20″ is good, but the higher resoltion is even better. Maybe there’s a trick for removing the stand piece, some special press-points or catches in addition to the magic twisting?

    Not too helpful I realize, sorry. Congrats on the upgrade though.

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