I’m a winner!

Though I’m not exactly certain what I won…

I got an email from Skype saying that they have a “casino” promotion going on; I checked with the site and it is a legitimate promotion. The prizes that they offer aren’t bad either –

“Minor” prizes, at least 3 on offer per day
– 6 months SkypeIn [10/day] (that’s a direct-dial number that you can get anywhere in the US {this is only open to US residents} Retail value listed at $1.00 each, but the price that you’d pay is $25 or so based on €10×2 months)
– Skype Unlimited for a year [3/day] (i.e. free calling with I believe no connection charge to the US and Canada, $29.95)
– 5, 10, or 15 minutes of SkypeOut [1000 each/day] (call phones at a low per-minute charge with a 4¢ connection fee; retail values 10, 21 and 31 cents respectively)

“Major” prizes – 0-2 available per day
– Logitech QuickCam Chat, $29.99
– Logitech USB headset, $49.99
– SMC Phone (only 10 available, including one today), $159.99

And the, as I would term them, “useless” prizes, both available in a quantity of 1000 per day. This is the description from the official rules –
– A RingJacker Ringtone (30,000 available): ARV $1.50 US dollars ea.
– A CrazyTalk Avatar (30,000 available): ARV $1.50 US dollars ea.

So, I figured I’d take a punt. And I did win a prize. A CrazyTalk Avatar. According to the winning page, it is “A tool that makes animated avatars come to life on your Skype video chats”.

Ah well, at least I won *something* 😉