Lost in transit?

So, I’ve been waiting to receive a couple of things – one real (and very useful, not to mention having some tangible value) and the other a more-or-less throwaway item.

The real item, being the replacement widescreen display from LG, is somewhere between wherever it is they ship these things from (at the rate they specified 2-5 days, I’d have guessed California, but I wonder if it isn’t Malaysia which is where the things are manufactured). As it is, I don’t even know which delivery service is sending the item, so I figure that if it doesn’t show up tomorrow, another call to their support department shall be in order.

The “throwaway” item is the “CrazyTalk avatar” for skype. I don’t know what’s taking them so long, but y’know, I did win it in their promotion, so it’d be friendly if I could redeem it. 😉

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