Attention DVR/PVR Users!

In the light of the news that some people missed the announcement of the winner of this year’s American Idol, I would like to make the following suggestion:

Your DVR/PVR has a thing called “flexible scheduling” – that means that you can tell it to record the program and then to record, say, 15 extra minutes at the end of the show. You do not have to record the complete next program, as some people insist. The same thing applies for the beginning of a show – you can tell it to start recording a couple of minutes early.

Just because you can tell it to record a show doesn’t mean you lose total control over your scheduling. In fact, there are computer programs out there (WebScheduler, which I know is used by many Aussies) that will by default extend the recording time of a show.

Then again, maybe we’ve let technology take over some good old common sense…I know that when I used a VCR, I’d always stick an extra minute or two on either side of a program to ensure that I got the whole show, didn’t you? The same applies for folks using a DVD recorder, they’re smart enough to know to extend recording…