The curse of searching

Well, I’m guilty of it again 😉

I’ve been checking the keywords people are using to get here. The latest entry in that contest is someone searching for ESPN’s Thursday Night Thunder on tapes. They of course found this post about YouTube and copyright. I must say that this is something that you don’t see a lot of people having tapes of anymore. (It’s not to say that there are folks out there with it on tape, it’s just that I haven’t seen anyone with it out there.)

However, there is another type of racing that is even rarer to have on tape – broadcasts of local auto racing action. About 17 years ago, one of the local independent stations decided to do a trial broadcast of racing at one of the racetracks in the region. Personally, I think it was a great thing, but I’m guessing that there were not enough viewers to sustain such a broadcast every week. Also, it’s hard to squeeze advertisements into a program such as the main feature race of the evening. Maybe they ought to try it again, but I’m not sure people would watch considering the tons of extra choices out there nowadays.

In related news, I have a working VCR and hopefully I’ll find good stuff on my videos. Unfortunately, the tapes of that racing are quite literally lost, with not much hope of it coming back, but it’d be cool to have it again.

Lastly, to the person in VIC who searched for pictues of sephiroth – there’s probably a better way to find those pictures – Google Image Search… 🙂