Digital Modifications

The other night I was watching ABC’s Nightline and saw this story about how we’ve become a society of changing photos to reflect what isn’t in the photo – i.e. making a picture not blurred, or putting people into a photo that weren’t there. There’s of course something that the Russians were known for – taking people out of photos (search for photos of Leon Trotsky, and you’ll find a few old examples).

The main point is that we’re losing the imperfection that we used to be subject to with film cameras. As for me, I have well in excess of 20,000 photos taken over the last 4 years; some of them are on CDs, but the majority of them are on this computer and taken with the same camera. There’s a reason to save all these photos – it’s so that I have a record of where I go and what I do, even if it might not be the most interesting (such as the completely white images that resulted from my forgetting to set the exposure to something more appropriate for daytime than the maximum allowable for the camera). However, I will admit that I am not unwilling to edit my photos, if only for things such as color balance and other minor adjustments. I have tried my hand at photoshopping images together, and they came out alright; i’ll have to look some more for some examples that I’d done.

However, the point of the matter is – if you have a photo you don’t like – keep it anyway, or make some minor adjustments, but don’t go adding people into the shot (unless it’s for a contest on fark or somewhere else :))