Saturday, what a day…

It’s not everyday that this kind of thing happens.

The oddest things seem to happen at the oddest times. For example, on Saturday, we were on our way to pick up a dollar that is to be used later in the summer for a promotion that a local radio station is holding. Part of this involves standing outside waiting for them to start distributing the dollars; an opportunity to get to know some folks around you.

This came to some use on Saturday when we wound up with a flat tire; first off, a big thanks to the person who noticed it and honked the horn at us to point it out. Having pulled off onto a side road that hasn’t totally been built yet (aside from the entryway onto the main road), we went about fixing the problem by changing the tire. It would have been going well if we could have figured out how to get the jack out. This is the point where the person who recognized us from these radio things came onto the scene. They graciously stopped by and changed the tire for us and in return we showed them how to get to the place that the event was at as they weren’t sure of its location.

After that, the rest of the day went quite well, except for forgetting to get ice at the store twice, which leads to the other interesting thing that happened.

We had to stop at the gas station to actually get the ice. When we parked, a comment was made about the person who parked next to us – basically that they were a moron. However, as I walked into the store, it became obvious that the person who parked next to us was someone who I went to school with; someone who, in fact, I had not seen for almost six years. The conversation lasted maybe ten seconds, and consisted of me saying that I stay out of trouble (and I do :)), but it was kinda good to see someone who you knew, and to see that they really hadn’t changed.