Warning: This video is addictive

You don’t have to listen to the whole video, but make sure you listen to the first part – it’s not in English, but I dare you to not get it stuck into your head. And that backing track, it’s something else 🙂

I think that the name of Palito Ortega started to be known in Spain first as a writer. I want to remember now the first song Palito Ortega song that was recorded here in Spain. It was recorded by a friend, a singer of the time named Ricard E. And this first song, from 17 or 18 years ago already, said:

Al lado
Al lado
Justo al lado
Justo al lado
La que me tiene un amorado
ilusionado, trastornado
yo la tengo de vecina por desgracia
está viviendo justo al lado
bien el lado
justo al lado

Or, to say in English (very roughly):

At the side
That I have a lover,
I’m disillusioned, upset that
I have an unfortunate neighbor alongside
well the side
alongside (and it repeats)

So, without further ado, Al Lado written by Palito Ortega and performed by some random Spanish guy on TV –

One thought on “Warning: This video is addictive

  1. I like how the backup singers kinda-sorta all go for the mic at the same time. Sometimes.

    Maybe they were walk-ons from the audience?

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