What’s the world searching for?

I spotted this on Google Operating System, so all blame thanks should go to Ionut 🙂

He mentioned that at the headquarters of Google in Mountain View, CA, there is this display of what users are searching for, but they don’t put it out there in public because of privacy concerns (though why are they concerned about privacy when they’re foisting upon most users this “Web History” thing that keeps track of all of your searches, supposedly to improve your search results – something that I’ve turned off; I’m sure y’all are keeping track of it anyway).

Anyway, apparently the folks at Dogpile aren’t as concerned about privacy as they do have a live search page, available here (note that this is the direct link to the unfiltered version, so you’ll see everything).

I think the best thing is that they give you *everything* – no matter if it’s spelt right or not and no matter if it’s proper or not. Here are some of the searches that have caught my attention –

homemade sex vidios
walmart checks*
kelloog advertisements of the 1920’s
kellog advertisements of the 1920’s
pamala anderson
best torrent client
fotos chicas linda desnudas

the list could go on and on, but there’s only so much you can list before you start to get a different type of traffic to your site, if you know what I mean. 😉

*I’m assuming that they’re looking for information on checks that you can get from Wal-Mart, but I know that scammers have sent out Wal-Mart checks to victims in the hope that they cash them and send the scammers money out of them. Unfortunately, the checks are counterfeits and if you were to cash it, you would wind up responsible for the amount of the check and likely wind up in legal issues as well. The best advice would probably be to report the check to the police, destroy the check, or frame it on your wall.