Back to the 9th Grade

At least that’s when I’m guessing this notebook is from, based on the fact that there are a bunch of notes from Geometry class, which was the math unit that I took in that year (which was the highest level you could take).

There are some very interesting things in this notebook – including some information that was given to us in class about different countries of Africa. One country in particular that I had notes on was Nigeria. I think I’ve seen this notebook recently as it was already opened to the page on Nigeria. This is the list of words that I used to describe the country back then:

ethnic groups, oil, heavily populated,
younger citizens, large rainforests,
varied terrain Niger + Benue Rivers,
salt mines, commercial fishing (whoppers)
timber + rubber, military rule, coffee,
juju music, nobel prize for lit: Wole Soyinka
widely diverse lifestyles

One of the things about baiting the scammers is that you actually learn a lot about the countries that these people are in. For example, I now know that there is no military rule at present; in fact they’ve recently held elections to find out who would succeed the current president, Olusegun Obsanjo. Another thing that is obvious, but wasn’t so at the time was the knowledge about the amount of scammers that there are over there. Obviously, not everyone is a scammer, in fact, a vast majority of the country are upstanding citizens, even if they have to pay out some bribes from time to time.

Another item in the notebook is a list of things that I’d have my kids (if and when I have some). One of the things I’d have them do is “Try to listen to Art Bell on Fridays”. It’s funny the things you get hooked to from time to time. Of course, this was at a time when you could flip through the radio and find his show at least 5 or 6 times through the AM dial. Now, I think you’d be lucky to find it on one station, but I haven’t followed it since he retired the first or second time

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