Don’t Gotta Get It

First, apologies for the lousy grammar of the title, but it makes sense (kinda.)

There’s a show on the Food Network called “Gotta Get It“. The premise is that they show you all kinds of utter crap that you “Gotta Get”. For example, an esky (cooler) on wheels that you can drive around. Yes, drive. I don’t know anyone who would buy such a thing just to lose some storage space in their cooler, but I guess if they can move some of these contraptions, more power to them. The same really goes for the rest of the products they’re selling tn TV. I’ve been watching for the better part of an hour and yet am to see something that would be particularly useful to me.

In other news, I’ve been busy cleaning my room in preparation for the delivery of a new bed; it’s not like I don’t *need* one necessarily, but my mattress has been around for something like 10 years or more, so I guess it’s high time to just do it.