Get your US Blog buttons!

I had seen recently where some badges had been made for Aussie bloggers, and for the Aussie Blog community at Bumpzee. So, I thought why not make one for the US Blogs?

So, that’s exactly what I did 😉

You’ll see one of them at the immediate right. This is the larger version of it, 160×30 pixels. I also have one in the standard “antipixel” size of 80×15.

I want one!

We all want one, don’t we? 😉

So, here’s how you go about it:

80×15 (antipixel):

160×30 (double size):

Alternatively, you may save the file to your own server. It’s only about 300 bytes (probably the smallest image you’ve ever seen, it only has 5 colors in it ;)).

Hope y’all like it 😉

And if you haven’t joined the US Blogs community yet, why not? 🙂