Le Mans

For a lot of folks, the 24 Hours of Le Mans has become an annual tradition of trying to stay up all night. For me, it has become quite the same. Though I haven’t ever managed to make it all 24 hours (at least that I can remember), I’ve tried each year since 2000, the first year that the Audis dominated the race. Of course, I didn’t see the finish of that race because that Sunday was the day that I had to head off to band camp.

In 2002, I discovered Radio Le Mans and their fantastic free streaming of race coverage. It fills in the time greatly when our broadcaster, Speed have to go to other events (this year, they were interrupted by USGP Practice 3 and Qualifying, along with the Nascar Truck race (something that could have been put on Fox – we don’t need to see *another* Yankees game) – I should note that they went back to coverage about 20 minutes early though). In fact, I keep it on when they have coverage on the TV as they are much better with the commentary, and don’t have many breaks.

So, here goes to lasting until 8:00 AM when the race ends. 🙂