Look! Up in the sky!

No, it’s not Superman, but it’s the reason that I had to stop at Target the other day to get some batteries. This, after bringing along two sets of rechargeable batteries for my camera, then them all dying while on our way down to pick up a dollar each just for showing up at a cellphone store.

While on the way back towards home, I spotted an object flying around, and identified it right away as a blimp. So, a stop to get batteries was in order. Luckily, there was a Target, so after spending way too long in there (cos I was looking for other things than just batteries – more on that in the near future), I got the batteries and the chase, per se, was on.

We went out to the freeway as we were trying to actually get back to home, but that didn’t work, and the blimp was actually over an area to the west of the highway. I wasn’t going to say to get off the road, but nevertheless we did and wound up going in a big U-turn; not back onto the freeway, but onto the next major north-south road. Eventually, we got to a stoplight where I was able to get the camera out of the window and take a picture. And here’s the result.

If you’re curious, this is the Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion I, which is flying around the country taking pictures of community events. However, at the time, we thought that it was there to be at the races that were being held over the weekend, but as it turned out, it wasn’t. They were taking pictures of little league games, and the photos are on their website to view.